My name is John Beech and I’m an engineer (University of Alabama, 1982) who married his college sweetheart (1978). We have one daughter (a sweet kid, but never again) named Niki (technically, Elysia Nicole).

While I kiddingly refer to Lynn as my first wife, I’d be lost without her (witness how she turned 40 and I refrained from trading her in on a pair of 20s despite her promise I could when the time came). Why she hasn’t trurned me in is something of a mystery into which, I don’t delve too deeply. As for Niki, she’s happily married to Anthony (his problem now).

I’m something of a jack of all trades. For example, I’ve owned a contruction company, been a hydrogapher, and once went back to college to become a high school math & science teacher (loved the job but not enough money, so that didn’t pan out either). My vocation (since 1993) involves hobby products. principally remote control model helicopters. However, while I enjoy telling some folks, I’m in the adult toy business, I’ve learned it’s wise to ensure Lynn’s not close enough to jab me in the ribs with a sharp elbow and explain because folks otherwise tend to quickly scurry off to spread gossip (Lynn appreciates my sense of humour but doesn’t like quelling rumours). Anyway, businesses I’ve created include Jupiter Construction, Modelsport magazine, Audacity Models, and ProModeler.

Finally, I’m into old cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. For example, my early 70s vintage Datsun 240Z (named Lulu) is painted bright red, like a $20-whore’s fingernails, and powered by a small block Chevy (so if you go for a ride you’ll need to hold onto your socks). Usually though, I run errands on my Harley Sportster. You may also find me tooling around in Bedelia, the step van (like a UPS truck), especially toting model out to the flying field. Finally, I’m a private pilot and fly Sweet-E, our vintage Bonanza, on business trips.

Why this blog? Simple. It’s because I sometimes like to share my thoughts, show what we’ve been up to, or otherwise put in my 2¢.

– John Beech