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As a bespoke producer of hand made servos, our principal clients are defense and industry. You’re busy, and we know it, so take 2-min to grok whether MIL-STDS matter to you, also.

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Carousel controller

For modelers at the top of their game, centering is the only thing that counts. Control-loops rely on potentiometers and unquestionably the best pot money can buy is this million-cycle Nobel 1Mc. This genuine Japanese pot is at the heart of our servos from quarter to micro.

DS180DLHV vs D645MW

Nearly 500 years ago, a fellow name of Machiavelli wrote . . .

'If you come for the king, you best not miss!'

. . . and in the world of RC-servos, with +300 servos under their belt, the king is Hitec - undisputed. Nobody handed them the title, either. It's taken decades of offering good servos at good prices, in other words, they've 'earned' their place.

For old timers, it likely began with the HS-645MG. Followed by the HS-5645MG (when the world shifted from analog to digital), the latest iteration, but now at high voltage, their D645MW, outputting 180oz-in @ 0.17sec/60° is top dog

So with the DS180DLHV, we take our best shot at earning your business. It's you who decides, is it a miss or clean hit?

. . . and heads up, both are $40 servos. Ours is one in a series of five, the DL-series. Range in output from 90-360oz-in, and are priced from $30-50, they're not cheap or cheaply made. So they may be a lot of money, what do you say about bang for the buck? We in the running for your business?

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